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ACT Prep Classes

ACT Prep Classes

Our ACT Prep tutoring service offers comprehensive support to help you excel in all sections of the ACT, including Math, English, Science, and Reading. Our program covers targeted topics and strategies to enhance your skills and confidence in these crucial test areas.


Math: We provide thorough instruction on all math topics tested in the ACT, such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and basic statistical concepts. Our tutors will guide you through key math concepts, problem-solving techniques, and time-management strategies to help you tackle math questions efficiently.

English: Our program focuses on enhancing your grammar, punctuation, and usage skills. We cover fundamental English language conventions, such as sentence structure, word choice, and rhetorical skills. You will learn effective strategies for improving sentence clarity, organization, and overall coherence.


Science: We demystify the Science section of the ACT by helping you develop critical reading and data analysis skills. Our tutors will guide you through interpreting scientific passages, charts, and graphs, as well as understanding experimental design and drawing conclusions. In addition, you will learn how to extract relevant information and answer questions accurately.

Reading: Our tutoring service equips you with effective strategies for comprehending and analyzing complex reading passages. We focus on enhancing your reading speed, vocabulary, understanding of main ideas, supporting details, and the author's tone. In addition, you will learn how to make inferences, draw conclusions, and effectively manage your time in this section.

Throughout our program, we provide ample practice exercises, real ACT questions, and diagnostic assessments to gauge your progress and identify areas for improvement. In addition, our experienced tutors offer personalized attention and guidance, addressing your specific needs and helping you overcome challenges.

By enrolling in our ACT Prep tutoring service, you will gain the confidence, knowledge, and strategies necessary to excel in all sections of the ACT. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your desired results and reach your academic goals. So join us and unlock your full potential on the ACT!

In this instructor-led course, you will learn:

  • ACT Math

  • ACT English

  • ACT Reading

  • ACT Science

  • ACT Strategies 


  • Access to a computer, laptop, or tablet with an internet connection

  • TI84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator - Recommended


Course Schedule



  • On-site (after school) prep  - available to schools and non-profits; call for details and scheduling.   


  • ACT Qualified: 4051 Veterans Memorial Blvd Suite 307; Metairie, LA 70002


Who should take this course?

  • You are a high school sophomore, junior or senior, and you have not met your ACT goal score.

  • You have taken the test multiple times; however, you've not gotten tangible results. 

  • You are not satisfied with your ACT score; you know you can do better, but you need someone to provide good, ACT-relevant instruction.

  • You are a good student, but your ACT doesn't reflect your GPA. You are not alone; we see this all the time.  We can get you on the road to increase scores using our proven approach to readiness.

  • Your current ACT Score is restricting your college choices.

  • You are missing out on scholarship opportunities.

  • You have athletic offers, but your ACT score keeps you from accepting them because you don't have the required minimum. Yes, we understand; we have helped many students, throughout the Greater New Orleans area, increase their ACT scores for NCAA academic eligibility.



We Get Results!



Did you see that?  That's an 11 Point composite Score increase after 2 weeks of ACT Prep!

With our proven approach, we know exactly WHAT AREAS TO TARGET!

Don't take our word for it; hear from our students and parents.

Additional details and considerations

  • In-person or virtual learning.

  • To secure your student's registration, you must submit full payment online. Credit or debit cards are the only acceptable forms of payment.

  • Students are administered ACT readiness assessments when beginning the course. Remediation is individualized and aligned with your student's progress throughout the course.

  • Although not required, we recommend a TI84 Plus CE Graphing calculator. Approximately 15-18 Math questions can be quickly answered using a graphing calculator; our instructors will teach your student how to answer these questions using a TI84 Plus CE graphing calculator, saving precious time for more complicated, time-intensive questions.

  • If your student struggles with math concepts, or he or she would like to learn how to work ACT Math questions using the TI84 Plus CE efficiently, we recommend purchasing and completing our self-paced "ACT Math Made Easy using the TI84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator" Course. In addition, we encourage you to learn more about the course using the above link.

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