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ACT Math Made Easy using TI84 Plus CE

You shouldn’t waste another minute working ACT Math problems like these by hand. Your TI84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator makes ACT Math digestible!

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This course also includes:
  • Full Year Access

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  • Email Support

  • Certificate of Completion

What You Will Learn

We show you the most efficient approach to ACT Math and the most RELEVANT way to learn and use the TI84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator to help improve your ACT Math Score.

You will not only learn the basics but also learn how to answer advanced-level ACT Math questions.  

You know, the HARDER questions that many students resort to guessing or don't answer at all. Even if you're not a math wiz kid or TI84 expert, you can quickly answer complicated math questions using the TI84 Plus CE!


After completing this course, you will confidently approach ACT Math and accurately answer ALL questions that can be answered using the TI84 Plus CE in seconds, not the minute per question given - thus saving precious time for more challenging word problems!

Micro-lessons from our “ACT Math made Easy using TI84 Plus CE”  course
Additional course Concepts
  • Systems of Linear Equation

  • Composite Functions

  • Evaluating Functions

  • Geometry

  • Statistics

  • Algebra

  • Matrices

  • Probability

  • Number Quantities Concept

  • And Much More

Significantly Increase Your ACT Math Score

Students increase their Math scores by as much as 5 composite points.


If you are like most students, Math (particularly ACT and SAT Math) makes you cringe! You seem to get the most challenging problems on your test, right. If only there were a tool that could help you solve them with ease and accuracy. Well, there is! The TI84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator, approved and accepted by most high school math teachers, can definitely ease your anxieties, but you must know how to use it. That's where we come in!

Who This Course is For

If your student struggles with math concepts, or he or she would like to learn how to work ACT Math questions using the TI84 Plus CE efficiently, we recommend purchasing and completing our self-paced "ACT Math Made Easy using the TI84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator" Course. 


  • You - if you struggle with ACT/SAT Math concepts.

  • You - if you prefer using the calculator rather than working problems by hand.

  • You - if you run out of time completing your Math test.

  • You - if you need to quickly increase your ACT Math scores

  • You - if you have not yet met ACT Math College Readiness benchmarks

  • You - It’s designed for people like you, who may have given up on the ACT Math test or think it's way too hard.


If you do not have a TI84 Plus CE Graphing calculator, we strongly recommend purchasing one and following along as we solve each ACT Math question. Practicing as you learn the concepts ensures that your brain and fingers commit the actual steps to memory. Teach, Practice, and Assess is the approach we use to help you master this excellent calculator.

  • TI84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator (best price at Target)

  • Complete the lessons in order

  • Follow along while watching the lessons

  • Replay and Pause as needed

  • Complete the mini Knowledge Checks

Additional Samples
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