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Our Mission


“We believe that foundational mastery, consistent reinforcement, and repetitious practice are vital keys to mastering the ACT.”

ACT Qualified exists to provide college readiness services to middle and high school students

residing in the Greater New Orleans Area. We do so by forging partnerships with non-profits,

high school career counselors, and parents in our community.

Understanding the state of education in Louisiana, we seek to rewrite the narrative by helping

Louisiana students, of all academic backgrounds, exceed college readiness benchmarks via

personalized remediation services that better position them for first-year college instruction.

Our Founder


Mrs. Wimberly is an ACT Certified Educator, Adobe eLearning Specialist, and founder of ACT

Qualified: an intensive ACT prep program whose core values are rooted in foundational mastery,

consistent reinforcement, and repetitious practice. Mrs. Wimberly frequently reminds her

students, "If you don't know the rules, you cannot play the game." As such, she believes that

consistent reinforcement and repetitious practice of foundational concepts are vital keys to not

only ACT success but mastering any craft.

ACT Qualified was birthed out of her desire to help kids achieve their ACT goals. Always the

teacher at heart, she became very engaged in assisting her son to achieve his ACT goals and

personally prepped him to a near-perfect score and scholarship offers from 22 universities, 5 of

which were Ivy League schools. Her son is currently a student at Harvard College.

It was at that time that she realized that she had found the "secret sauce" and began accepting

calls to assist other students.

In the summer of 2017, her living room served as a classroom to 12 boys preparing for the ACT.

As she began to get calls for assistance from more and more parents and students, she began

asking herself and God, "Am I supposed to be doing this?" "Is this my platform?"

Recognizing the need and her keen ability to relate and reach students of all ages, she decided to

launch ACT Qualified Master Prep and began offering a 6-week prep program out of Propeller

Incubator Center in New Orleans, LA. Her untiring commitment to kids is a Godly calling that's

benefited many children that have crossed her path.

Professional Career

Mrs. Wimberly holds a Computer Science Bachelor of Science Degree from Southern University

at New Orleans and a Master of Business Administration from Tulane University. She began her

career as Application Developers, working for the United States Department of Agriculture,

National Finance Center (USDA/NFC) in New Orleans, LA, and quickly progressed through the

ranks of NFC's leadership. Mrs. Wimberly is a practicing Project Management Professional (PMP)

and possesses a keen ability to rally teams through mentorship and no-nonsense, focused

approach to task completion. She is a fond believer that success in any endeavor is a sum of

many things done well.

Mrs. Wimberly has accomplished a lot over the past 26 years as a civilian employee, but it is her

gift of teaching and ability to reach students of all ages that has fostered many of her

accomplishments. She views her students/teams as an extension of her family, and untiringly

work to extract their best.

Mrs. Wimberly is married to Kym Wimberly, Sr. (25 yrs.), has one daughter (Britiany), one son

(Kym Jr.), and five grandchildren.

ACT Certified Educator
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