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The traditional lecture model is no longer the most efficient way to impart knowledge to students. With Wi-Fi, smartphones, and laptops providing an endless supply of distractions, students simply do not comprehend and retain information as they should.  At ACT Qualified Master Prep, we have flipped the script!  We leverage these very technologies, normally associated with distraction, and savvy teaching methods to facilitate active learning in our sessions.  We speak our students' language by meeting

Dear Perspective Parent:


Thank you for taking time to learn more about our program!  Here at ACT Qualified Master Prep, we believe that foundational mastery, consistent reinforcement, and repetitious practice are vital keys to mastering the ACT. Although we do not profess to be miracle-workers, (fixing years of foundational deficiencies in 6 weeks) our 6-week ACT Prep program has raised students composite score by as much as 6 composite points.  Our ultimate goal is to magnify students' strengths and minimize their weakness. To date, our highest composite score increase is 9 points.  Although individual results vary, these are impressive results!

them where they are - Millennial and Gen X minded generation.

Active learning techniques, such as the ones we employ, result in higher student engagement and improved test scores. Leveraging students’ smartphones and mobiles devices, our instructors briefly pause their lectures to administer impromptu check-point questions, video lessons, games, and exercises to assess comprehension of concepts. Students are tuned into our lessons because they never know when they will be asked to respond to an impromptu question.  Our adaptive technology renders real-time results, which allow our teachers to assess individual performance and comprehension of concepts.  Parents are provided weekly progress reports and notified when their student is struggling with a concept(s) or not completing assigned homework.

Using these tools as a vehicle for instruction, our intensive prep course help students exceed ACT benchmarks and college admission standards. Lessons are taught in a group environment, and students take 4 Full ACT practice tests before completing our 6-week program. Our students are better prepared and more successful taking high-stakes tests after completing our program.


We invited you to experience the difference; your student is worth the investment!


Best Regards,

Tiffany Wimberly, Owner
ACT Qualified Master Prep

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